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How To Tune Your Guitar

“No matter how well you play, if your guitar isn’t in tune you’re never going to sound great.”
- David Aldridge
One of the most challenging things for beginner guitarists is knowing how to tune their guitar. How do you know if the guitar is fully in tune and sounding correct? And how often should I tune it? Let's answer these questions below. 

How do you know if your guitar is in tune?

Tuning Devices 
I recommend for beginner guitarists to have a clip on tuner that can be purchased from Amazon. These tuners clip onto the head of the guitar and displays the letters and string numbers in a clear visual way, making it easy for you to see if the string is in tune.
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How Do I Learn New Things Quickly?

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning” 
- Brad Henry

How to Learn Faster

The prospect of learning a new instrument is exciting. You get to know how to play your favourite songs! You’re able to show off to your family and friends. You might become a rockstar!

However, there's always a voice in the back of our heads that tells us that picking up a new skill is also overwhelming. Sometimes with all the exciting prospects of being able to do what we dream, we forget how much hard work needs to go into cultivating these skills. And just like that, your bubble bursts. Your motivation and enthusiasm start to wane, you feel doomed! You feel you might get left behind and...
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Building Confidence Through Discipline and Training

Through many years as a guitar teacher, I have seen kids of all backgrounds and abilities become extraordinary learners. These kids have grown to be disciplined, enthusiastic, passionate, and consistent. They've developed a great joy towards learning and practising their guitar, as well as becoming very confident in their own self-image. In order to attain this growth, persistence is both the lock and key.

What is the Hobby Cycle?

Have you ever heard of the hobby cycle? Kids express interest in an activity like football, dance, guitar, etc., start taking lessons, and shortly after, want to quit when they get bored and disengaged at the first sight of struggle. It makes sense: the activity becomes like school to them and they just...
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Success Story Secrets From a 10 Year Old

Charlie Hodge with Mum and Dad after performing at a student showcase.
We'd love to tell you a great story about Charlie- a 10 year old member of our DAGS family who's been taking lessons for 2 and a half years. He's been recently working hard to learn the song 'Blackbird' by the Beatles.

David, his teacher, has helped him complete all the skills check lists in his course book, even when things got a little tough. Charlie says it's because of David's patience and experience that he's been able to get through all of the "hard things."

Charlie's persistence to learn the guitar helped him feel like he was picking up valuable life skills. His satisfaction he got from mastering a new fingering or bar chord created more...
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