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Tuning Your Guitar With a Tuner app


I believe every kid can learn how to play the guitar. If you think you don't have the courage, I'm here to tell you you've got this. Remember, learning to play the guitar is a step-by-step process. If you don't go for your dreams, chances are you won't be the next biggest pop, rock, or Disney star. I teach hundreds of kids just like you how to play the guitar. They grow in confidence one note, one song and one lesson at a time. Now it's your turn. So let's jump into this together.


Okay, friends, this video is about how to tune your guitar. The most important lesson ever. Three things I want to show you. Download the GuitarTuna app to your phone or tablet. Use the link below in the description or simply type GuitarTuna into...

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How To Tune Your Guitar

“No matter how well you play, if your guitar isn’t in tune you’re never going to sound great.”
- David Aldridge
One of the most challenging things for beginner guitarists is knowing how to tune their guitar. How do you know if the guitar is fully in tune and sounding correct? And how often should I tune it? Let's answer these questions below. 

How do you know if your guitar is in tune?

Tuning Devices 
I recommend for beginner guitarists to have a clip on tuner that can be purchased from Amazon. These tuners clip onto the head of the guitar and displays the letters and string numbers in a clear visual way, making it easy for you to see if the string is in tune.
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