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We help to boost your child's confidence, one-note, song and lesson at a time. They can grow, be proud of the things they can do, and feel happier!  

Children lose confidence quickly if they aren't making adequate progress! Lack of growth has an impact on self-esteem, motivation and creativity. Sadly, a lot of children feel demoralised when they aren't making essential progress with their guitar playing. 

We love seeing children becoming the hero in their journey! Also, thriving at learning to play the guitar, in a way, that helps to reinforce a positive self-image and avoids them giving up and losing confidence. 

At David Aldridge Guitar School, we nurture learning in a fun, easy and confidence-building way! By learning one note, one song and lesson at a time, we make learning achievable for every student! 


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Kate Cowley - parent

“Sebastian loved the Easy Peasy online tutorial. It made him feel independent and in control of his learning while at the same time being 'taught' in a guided manner. He successfully learnt 'Despasito' in under 20 minutes, by replaying and stop starting the tutorial, which is now one of his favourite tunes to play. Discovering he was able to learn something so quickly and independently. This gave him a massive confidence boost, and since then, he has been practising alone more regularly - without being prompted by me. The online tutorial is an excellent supplement to his practice, and would certainly recommend it!”

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In This Course You Will Learn 

To play 5 songs in 30-days through exciting video tutorials! You'll start learning basic skills from picking to strumming! 

We'll nurture and develop your guitar skills from zero to hero by teaching you you 

You will learn how to tune your guitar, pick, play basic chords and strum. Then you will go onto learn 5 awesome songs from, Happy Birthday to Smoke On The Water! 

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Audio Play Along Tracks

listen to the audio so you can play the songs quickly and easily!

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Course Completion Certificate

Share your success and achievement with an impressive completion certificate. 

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The Journey of A Lifetime! 

Watch the video to learn about the WHY behind David Aldridge Guitar School. 

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We aim to provide our students with a positive foundation for becoming the best versions of themselves. We want them to discover and nurture guitar as a lifelong hobby.

Key Benefits From This Course

Positive self-image using original fun course materials. To provide students with a positive foundation for becoming the best version of themselves. 

Boosting confidence



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Sarah Kelly - parent

“Amy really enjoyed the online course. She particularly liked the videos and thought the music was cool. As a parent, I liked that Amy could learn on her own time and at her own pace. We would definitely recommend the online course to any parent who has a child that is interested in learning to play the guitar. The course is easy to follow, very interactive and also fun!”

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