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Take the first step towards learning how to play your favourite songs. Our programmes are self-paced and individualized per each student's needs. We provide private, group, and online tuition and group showcases! 

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David Aldridge

I’ve taught thousands of students, and what I’ve noticed is that teaching adults and children is completely different. That’s why I designed my own text-books and teaching methods to be:

  • KID FRIENDLY - My books are easily digestible, straightforward and logical.
  • SELF-PACED - Kids are in control of their own learning, so they’re motivated to set and accomplish their own goals. As a byproduct, they grow in confidence.
  • CREATIVE - Every child learns differently, so I’ve picked up a few "out-of-the-box" ways to maintain and train focus.
  • INTERACTIVE - We're in this together. I’m here to nurture not to judge. Lessons are fun and progressive.

The students who receive my expert tuition always hear uplifting and encouraging words. We've made learning to play the guitar simple and rewarding. At the end of the day, we're a community that just wants to play some music and have a great time.

Learn more about David's Story here.

Our Leigh & Sale Programmes

Our lessons are based around our 3 textbooks. Upon completion of each book in our series, students will receive a certificate. By the end of the course, they will have 3 certificates of achievement and 12 songs in their repertoire. As students move up to the advanced level, there's an opportunity to gain ABRSM & RSL qualification. 

Intro Course

This is a sample platter for students brand new to the guitar. Because 1 lesson does not give you a good idea of what learning an instrument is like, this course is 5 weeks long. Each lesson is 30 minutes of 1-on-1 time once a week. Over this “get to know you” period, we will delve into your goals, develop a plan, explain/begin the 3 book textbook series, learn some original songs and, of course, get to know the guitar.

Private Lessons

A 1-on-1 personalized approach to teaching the fundamental skills in the text book curriculum and more advanced tuition. We break these individual lessons into two groups: "text book gang" & "advanced learners"

Once you've graduated from the text book gang, you will be able to move up to be an advanced learner. Once you get there, you design and tailor your curricula and learn any song you want. You may also receive tuition for ABRSM & RSL qualifications.

Group Lessons

We only offer group lessons for the textbook gang. Because every child learns differently, we realised that some may flourish better in group settings rather than private lessons. So, we've designed a more structured program for groups of up to 3 students of the same age & abilities. 

"Music education gives children a sense of value and achievement. It provides a lasting source of great happiness in their lives."

David Aldridge

Pricing Options

We offer our lessons in bundles. All lessons last 30 minutes and occur once a week. Hour lessons can also be arranged- prices will double. New students that are not beginners are still required to take the intro course, syllabus will be individualized based on needs.




5 weekly private lessons 

Intro to Foundational Skills

Note reading and note recognition on the fretboard

Learning intro songs





4 private lessons

3 Textbooks

Tuition up to grade 5 level ABRSM & RSL





4 group lessons

3 Textbooks

Tuition up to grade 5 level ABRSM & RSL





4 private lessons

Grade 6-8 level ABRSM & RSL and beyond

Tailored curricula

Expert level instruction


Frequently Asked Questions

Student Policies 

We designed these policies so our students can make a wealth of progress in guitar learning. These standards help to keep you on track, build confidence, and allow you to receive the best lesson experience.  



Students with a 90% attendance can expect to progress through our courses quickly. These students make the most of their teacher's expert knowledge and coaching skills. This type of consistency keeps students highly motivated towards their goals. They usually stay in the program for many years and go on to achieve great things! Not only in music, but in other areas of their lives. 


Lesson Rearrangement And Cancellation Policy

Please note that lessons cannot carry forward, and there are no refunds on lessons. If you cannot attend a lesson, you can do a make-up lesson if time is available. A student may also put their experiences on hold at any time with 14 days notice. Please note that you will need to rebook a new time slot on your return. 


In full cancellation of your guitar lessons, we require 14-days notice. If we do not receive any notification, you will automatically be charged for the lessons. 


Payment Structure And Refund Policy 

The five-week introductory course is a one-off payment, via PayPal. We would never want you to be unhappy, if you're unsatisfied with your class, contact us, and we will give you a refund on the initial 5-week course. 


After your initial 5-week introductory course, payments are via a monthly subscription. The monthly fee covers four weeks, including class materials. Some months have five-weeks, and this will generally balance out with holidays throughout the year. We assume you will be attending each week. 


Lesson Essentials

We know that consistency is an essential component of your overall success. Please bring your tuition books to each session. These contain all the necessary materials for your lesson and coaching plan. If your books are misplaced, you can purchase placements.  


You will need to bring your guitar to each lesson. For children younger than 8, we ask parents to attend their first few sessions. Lessons start and finish on time. Please make sure you arrive five minutes early before your experience begins.  

Every child is different, but this is why we offer our introductory course. One lesson does not give you a good idea of what learning an instrument is like, so we designed our intro course to carefully & intimately introduce your child to the guitar. We take into account focus abilities, interest and commitment. You'll never know unless you try. However, there is a major difference between simply not wanting to practise and not wanting to continue playing the guitar. Our goal is to nurture a lifelong passion for your child. We are here to build a foundation.

Check out our blog post on the "hobby cycle" and our philosophy on breaking it.

If by the end of the 2nd lesson your child is absolutely sure he/she does not want to continue, there is a money back guarantee. 

We provide loaner guitars for the 5 week introductory period at our Leigh & Sale locations. Once your child is ready to commit to being a full-time student, we will guide you in the right direction for purchasing.

We believe that age 6-7 is a great time to begin learning the guitar. By that time, children have developed the ability to focus and the motor skills to play an instrument. 

Check out our blog post on this!

If you're still wondering if your son or daughter is too young to begin lessons, we offer an INTRO COURSE in order to determine if this is a good fit. 

Sale & Leigh: We offer monthly packages of weekly 30 minute lessons at our school locations in Leigh & Sale.

Online: For our online course, the number of videos varies on the course. However, the pacing and frequency of each lesson is up to the learner. 

I tend to teach leading with these 5 principles:

  1. Ensuring my students know I believe in them.
  2. Nurturing their learning.
  3. Creating the right framework for achievement.
  4. Making learning fun!
  5. Providing a non-judgmental atmosphere.

If you'd like to read more about my teaching practices, check out this blog post:

Building Confidence Through Discipline and Training

You don't need longer than 20 mins a day. That's shorter than an episode of Friends. All your child has to do is follow the course book and start with about 10 mins of skills. Then spend the next 10 mins working on small bits of the songs from their lessons. Slowly build up over time, little by little. It'll feel awesome when they realise how much they've accomplished.
All you have to do is encourage your children to:
  • Never give up
  • Try their hardest
  • Believe they can do it

Check out this blog post for more tips!

Yes, your child becomes a musician. They've learnt to play the guitar!

So, by proxy, they can now read music, understand rhythm, and most importantly, will know how to approach learning another instrument. 


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