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Learning Guitar Made Easy. For Kids

Boosting Confidence One Note, Song and Lesson at a Time 

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To Play the Guitar Like your favourite Popstar, You First Have to Master the Basics of Playing

But There's a Problem...

  • Nobody has given you a plan
  • Most teaching books are boring and ineffective 
  • Practice feels like homework 

David Aldridge Guitar Schools has everything you need to learn how to play the guitar all in one place. You'll feel amazing when you see how much fun learning to play can be! 

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Your plan for learning to play the guitar

 It's Easy Peasy

1. Get access: Get instant access to 5-week introductory course £69

2. Begin course: Each session is fun, easy-to-follow and packed with encouragement

3. Achieve growth: Grow in confidence as you master playing your favourite songs

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Boosting Confidence - One Note, Song and Lesson at a Time. 

  • FUN - You'll have lots of fun. It's all about the journey of learning a new skill, and having a great time. 
  • SIMPLE - Experience simplicity. We won't confuse you with boring text books and noisy diagrams. We wrote our own books. 
  • FAMILY - Join the family. Connect with a network of people with the same goal in mind: playing guitar and feeling like they matter.
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1-2-1 and Video Lessons with any Level of guitar experience

When you enrol at David Aldridge Guitar School, you'll start making instant progress. Our easy-to-follow bespoke tutorial books make learning fun. Plus, you're rewarded with a certificate and medal on completion of each book! Come and see for yourself how David Aldridge Guitar School truly cares about you and your success.  

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Become The Best Version Of Yourself

At David Aldridge Guitar School, we have 20-years of experience in teaching all levels of guitar, taking you from zero to hero. We build confidence and have a great time by showing you how to play the guitar using our original and fun course material.

We are providing you with a positive foundation for becoming the best version of yourself. We want you to discover and nurture guitar as a lifelong hobby and takeaway valuable life lessons in the process. 

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Jayne Reed

"My son is 7, he's had lessons for just over a month, and the progress being made is clear to see/hear. He looks forward to his lessons, and the tutorial book makes it clear what he needs to practise"

Louise Goss

"David is extremely patient with children and is very calm and approachable. My son has come out of his shell and gained lots of confidence by learning to play the guitar"


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