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Boost your child's confidence – one note, song, and lesson at a time. 

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We keep it fun. We're a guitar school for kids, not for grown-ups. It's all about the journey of making learning new skills a great time.


We keep it simple. We won't confuse you with all the bother of thick, boring text books and noisy diagrams. We wrote our own books.


We keep it in the family. Our school offers a network of people with the same goal in mind: playing guitar and feeling like they matter.

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This easy-to-follow book will make learning the guitar fun & simple and helps to boost your child's confidence, one-note, one song and lesson at a time.  

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Our Schools

We offer individual and group lessons for kids with any level of guitar experience at either of our two school locations in Sale and Leigh. 



We also have online courses designed to take you from being a novice to playing songs in the comfort of your own home. 


"My son is 7, he’s had lessons for just over a month and the progress he’s making is clear to see/hear. He looks forward to his lessons and the book he has been given makes it clear what he needs to practise."

Jayne Reed
Facebook Review

"If you're looking for a patient and passionate teacher who'll make learning to play the guitar fun for your child, then I'd highly recommend David. My two children aged 9 and 7 have been learning with David for a few years now and have made incredible progress. Their confidence has also rocketed - and thanks to David's encouragement they are about to perform in a showcase at the Lowry! Amazing."

Sarah Kelly
Facebook Review

"Great tuition and easy to follow. David is welcoming and great with children. He nurtures and encourages talent and I have seen a huge difference in my daughter's playing."

Jo Fearn
Google Review

"Samuel began guitar lessons with David in early April 2018. He had asked for lessons and after receiving a guitar for his birthday, I began the search for a teacher. David Aldridge Guitar School came recommended and so I decided to take a look on the website and give David a call. David gave me all the information and details I needed to know in a relaxed and friendly manner. Samuel thoroughly enjoys and looks forward to his lesson each week. ‘I love my guitar lessons because it is fun and I like learning new songs!’ Samuel’s words. David is a brilliant teacher, extremely patient and passionate about teaching others. Samuel is progressing at a steady rate and David delivers lots of praise and encouragement each week. Highly recommended."

Andrea Lee
Google Review

"My son has been playing guitar with David now for about 2 years and he loves it so much. He’s nine years old and has really found a love of music through learning the guitar. He’s now listening to more and more music because of it. David is extremely patient with children and is very calm and approachable. My son has really come out of his shell and gained lots of confidence by learning to play the guitar. David’s beginner program is an excellent stepping stone to get kids into learning the guitar and keeping it fun. My son is now starting his grades and is practicing more than ever. David’s material is up to date and the songs the kids learn are really cool and current. Thanks David for being such a great teacher, and we are looking forward to seeing our son at Glastonbury one day"

Louise Stephens-Goss
Facebook Review

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